Disabled People: How many people scam the system?

“The reason there are so many denials in Social Security Disability Benefits is because so many people scam the system!”  Really??????

In the past several months I’ve received a handful of emails accusing healthy people of scamming the system and thus creating the culture of denying benefits to those who desperately need those benefits.

My answer is:  REALLY?  After all the research I’ve done, I’d like to know how those who have scammed the system do it?  We all know the hoops you have to jump through to be approved.

Let’s see what it takes to scam the system?  First, you have to deceive your primary care physican, specialists, this is after you’ve gone through a battery of sophisticated tests, scam the initial interviewer at Social Security Disability Claims, then scam the SSDI physicians, then if you’ve been approved, congratulations!  If not, then you have to scam your attorney, scam the appeal judge and finally, after a couple of years, get approved.  Again, congratulations!

I don’t believe there is a high percentage of people who scam the system.  With the cases that I’ve seen or been directed to become involved with, some terminally ill disabled persons have been denied their benefits.  Some have even passed away while waiting for those desperately needed benefits.

So, if there is someone you know that has scammed the system, please ask them to contact me!  I would love to ask them how they did it and pass that information on to the thousands who have been denied their benefits and desperately need them.




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